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About Me

The foundation for health and happiness lies in self-esteem. I believe that healing comes from within, and quality of life improves as we learn how to care for and care about ourselves. All of the tools we need to ground, grow, and flourish are ones we already possess. I hope to be a guide and support in the process of discovering and strengthening your ability to be your best self.


Using a holistic approach to treatment that considers the mind, body and soul, I approach each client as a unique individual. I value your collaboration and believe it is necessary in developing a therapeutic relationship in which you begin to feel empowered and secure.


Facing your challenges and struggles in therapy requires strength, courage, and commitment. I'm here to offer you a safe space to be open and vulnerable. I have seen how powerful the therapeutic relationship can be as a space for healing and growth.


Specializing in the treatment of eating disorders, trauma, emotion dysregulation, and other co-occurring disorders, I believe that everyone has the potential to heal from past wounds and confidently face present and future stresses. We often get stuck in patterns and ways of coping that no longer serve us. Through effective therapy, however, we can learn and develop new ways of coping that are constructive and enduring.


I am trained in a wide range of modalities including EMDR, Cognitive Processing Therapy, and Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy. I also employ applications of DBT, mindfulness, and psychodynamic therapy. This variety allows me to address an array of conditions from multiple perspectives.


Therapy is meant to be a growing experience in which you become increasingly connected to the world, those you love, and, especially, to yourself. It should be a cooperative and diverse process, both vulnerable and empowering. I’m here to be a mirror and a facilitator, no matter your struggles or your goals.

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